Meet the new STEM Librarian, Luesoni Kuck!

Hello! My name is Luesoni Kuck and I am the new STEM Librarian. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biology, and recently completed my MS/LIS from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In my science career, I worked on fetal alcohol syndrome and neuroplasticity in zebrafish. In my Master’s thesis, my work studied the neural circuity of the katydid’s hearing system. Aside from my science career, I am passionate about how to use my expertise to support the STEM disciplines at Northeastern University. I am excited about making sure the STEM faculty and students are supported by the Northeastern University Library. You can email me at

Ways I can help you:

As the STEM Librarian, I am dedicated to helping faculty and students with their research inside and outside the classroom. Some ways I can help you include:

  • Provide classroom instruction on information literacy such as literature review, database searching, and citation management.
  • Create research guides and online tutorials to facilitate additional learning.
  • Provide research lab support for faculty and students.
  • Conduct individual and small group consultations for research support.
  • Accept recommendations for purchases.

I am always willing to have an open dialogue, so feel free to contact me at with any questions on how I can best serve your department.

Luesoni has compiled several resources for math majors, which you can access here.