AWM Student Chapter

You have reached the Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter at Northeastern!

Who are we?


In the Fall of 2019, Northeastern University’s math department and the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) supported the development of the first Northeastern ​AWM Student Chapter​. The formation of the chapter was spearheaded by four undergraduates studying mathematics with the goal of creating awareness to the underrepresentation of women in STEM, and more specifically, in mathematics. Since the inception of the chapter, 87 undergraduates have joined the student group, with this number expected to increase after graduate student outreach. The chapter’s mission coincides with AWM’s community mission statement, “​We hope our AWM Student chapters will become communities with an awareness of and sensitivity to the unique features – both positive and negative – of promoting gender equity in the mathematical community. Our aim is in reducing barriers for historically under-represented gender identities and gender expressions. To this end, the AWM community strongly stands by its nondiscrimination statement to create a supportive environment for all.”


How can you join?


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Contact Information:

President: Molly Sager 

Vice President: Eshani Talwar