Dr. Mary B. Walkins

Bio: Dr. Mary B. Walkins is originally from Trinidad West Indies.  She earned her Bachelor in Science in Mathematics and Christian Education from Lee University and her Master in Science and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Northeastern University. Excluding the mathematics teaching she did while earning her degrees, she has taught mathematics in the High School, Community College and University for a span of almost 27 years. Currently she is the Dundalk Mathematics Coordinator and teaches developmental mathematics at The Community College of Baltimore County. Her calling and career have met and she is thrilled to teach students who most times feel that they do not know mathematics and bring them up to a level of proficiency, where they can proceed to and succeed in college mathematics.  In addition to teaching mathematics, Dr. Walkins sings a cappella. Her top five strengths are: Consistency, Harmony, Achiever, Intellection, and Responsibility. Her motto in life is: “If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain.”

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