Bob Case Academy: Bridge to Calculus

Northeastern’s Bridge to Calculus is a six-week summer program for rising seniors in the Boston Public Schools. The goal is to prepare them for AP Calculus and help put them on the pathway to college. Now called Bob Case Academy: Bridge to Calculus, after founding Professor Emeritus Bob Case, the program has expanded to offer an online Math Question Center (homework and college readiness help) Mondays and Thursdays from 8-10p.m. as well as special lectures/events. There is also individual tutoring by “math buddies” who are NU faculty and students as well as community volunteers. One highlighted optional offering is a series of coding lectures for students interested in learning how to program, but with a focus on learning math.

The program aims to mirror the population of Boston’s inner-city schools, with a large number of students of African-American, Hispanic, and Southeast Asian extraction and/or children of new immigrants.  Bridge to Calculus is open to rising Boston seniors as well as some juniors. To identify and recruit potential applicants, Bridge to Calculus relies on a large network of Boston Public School teachers, individual school staff, and key central administrators that has been developed and nurtured over two decades. Interested students then submit a simple application online. For more information, to apply for the program or to be a volunteer “Math Buddy” contact Rajini Jesudason at

For more information about the available volunteer positions, click here.

To visit the Bridge to Calculus website, click here.