*** NEW TO CAMPUS FALL 2020 ***

Who Are We? 


MathEMA = Mathematics Engagement and Mentorship Association


MathEMA is a student-run mentorship program that aims to help incoming students feel more welcome and aware of the opportunities available in the math department. We connect experienced upperclassmen with young students to discuss topics like co-op, choosing classes and professors, and acclimating to college life. We also host events like virtual movie nights, coffee chats, and study halls.


Our Mission: 


MathEMA is a mentorship program dedicated to creating an exciting and welcoming environment for all of Northeastern’s math students to engage with the academic and career opportunities provided by the department. Through our program, we aim to develop a greater sense of community by creating spaces for students to meet each other and seek advice as they pursue their mathematical careers.


Our Goals: 


  • Welcome new students into the Math Department
  • Increase student understanding of their peers’ background and experiences
  • Create a support system of like-minded students with similar academic and career interests
  • Foster a welcoming/inclusive environment in which students feel that their peers and educators care about their success and wellbeing
  • Act as a launching point for personal and professional aspirations beyond our math department
  • Create connections in the alumni network
  • Expose students to fruitful opportunities in the math department and beyond


Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:


We strongly believe that all Northeastern students should be welcomed into Northeastern’s math community with the respect and unwavering support from all its members. As advocates of this belief, we aim to identify and understand methods of exclusion within the math department and College of Science in order to better confront them. We seek to achieve equal opportunity through the promotion of proactive and anti-discriminatory policies that combat underrepresentation, improve the department climate, and support marginalized people. Lastly, we strive to empower mentors and mentees to share these approaches in their lived experiences as mathematicians, Huskies, and members of the global community.


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